A project log for X printer V2

Portable CoreXY 3D printer - lighter, more compact than V1

malte-schraderMalte Schrader 10/08/2022 at 21:281 Comment

The build of the printer is almost finished, only the print plate is missing.

Some problems occurred during the build:
The ball bearings for the joints of the scissor-lift were chosen much too fragile, so they had to be replaced. As a result the entire arms of the scissor-lift had to be remodelled and instead of being made out of two 3mm Aluminium plates, they were now milled from 6mm aluminium.

Learnings / mistakes

things that worked well

When the printer is fully unfolded (print height approx. 115mm) and a force acts orthogonally to the scissor-lift, it is not very stiff. I think printing that high will only be possible with low printing speeds. I am curious how the printer will print in general and if it is stiff enough for reasonable print speeds.


the printhead uses a Mosquitto hotend which sliceengineering kindly provided. In the picture you can the the folding mechanism of the bowden tube, when the printer gets stored away.

All in all, I am not very happy with how the printer turned out, because it is not stiff enough. It is difficult to minimize something with moving parts without loosing stiffness.

I really like the concept of a 3d printer with a scissor-lift and already thought about how I can use steel wire to stiffen the scissor-lift and printer. I have to give this idea a try in the next redesign


kelvinA wrote 10/30/2022 at 20:29 point

Very nice to see that this project got an update!

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