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A project log for GPOD

A project to drive NeoPixels (or similar serial RGB LEDs) with an Arduino Nano as a "grow light" for the dark winter months.

RossGK TangiblesRossGK Tangibles 09/02/2021 at 14:430 Comments

A Version for Tindie

After getting a usable PCB that shouldn't confuse others very much, I thought I was probably ready to share it on Tindie.

Even though this seemed about as simple an Arduino project as I had around, I realized that throwing it over the wall to someone unfamiliar with it could still have a capacity to confuse.  The solution to that could only be the dreaded D word: Documentation.

And beyond creating the documentation I would need to share it somehow too.  I was a fan of what Github had been doing, but I was disappointed that it had been acquired by Microsoft, and had removed most of what I had up there, and had been ignoring it for a while.   I didn't know what else I'd use in its place, so figured I'll use it for this project while trying to get opinionated on other repositories.  I'm still a big fan of the GIT tool itself.


I set about writing a simple PDF file, and a text-only version as well. 

For the text-only version I put together something in MarkDown which is nicely compatible with Github.  I think the docs (which few will probably ever read) should give all a good idea of how to make the most of the little project, if they wish to know more.

I also put the schematic and code up there of course.

You can find the github site here, and just put together the project yourself if you wish.

Listed on Tindie

With documentation and a usable circuit board in hand, I did a quick inventory of the parts I have around and offered the GPOD for sale on Tindie.  

I figured I'd just get it out there now, and add some additional information and features to my listing afterwards, as it will probably take a long while before anyone interested finds it. In case you're one of those intrepid folks, you can find the Tindie listing here.

Next, I am working on some additional info to help users who want to set up their own grow light figure out how to build one.