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A project log for Raspberry Pi Zero Action Camera

Making a GoPro like action camera using the Raspberry Pi Zero at the heart of it all

turkeydevTurkeyDev 06/25/2021 at 02:450 Comments

I've been working on this  project on and off slowly over the past year and documenting the progress on my YouTube, but here's the tl;dr of where I am.

Current Features

Currently I have video recording and streaming both working and have been tweaking video settings in attempts to tune it and give better quality. I also have a nice little UI and Dashboard that the Pi can serve to the user. To do this, the Pi can also switch between being a wifi client and an AP Server.

Currently working on

So this biggest thing that this project is missing is audio support. To address this I am working on adding an Adafruit I2S MEMS microphone to provide the said audio. I have run into a road block though with getting the audio to record correctly. I've made a Stackoverflow post to try and get help solving this, but tl;dr recording with the mic via arecord works, but fails to get audio with FFMPEG

Latest Video: