PCB-changes and calibration wizard update

A project log for Power Analyzer based on a COTS Power Monitoring IC

The idea of this project is the development of a power analyzer based on the ACS71020 power monitoring IC.

SebastianSebastian 07/31/2021 at 12:160 Comments

While thinking about the calibration wizard, the idea occurred to me, that empty EEPROM-space may be used to store user data. For example the calibration date. So I added read and write functions for whole addresses, to see if it works. 

It does work with unused EEPROM-Space, for example register 0x0F bits 20-23. Other unused bits may be used as well. They can be accessed by using the writeEEPROMValue function, with a 32-bit mask, where the corresponding bit-positions are 0.


For long-term datalogging, an SD card can be used. Because the space is somewhat limited, for such a bulky SD card, a 6-pin header was added. The SD-card can be mounted anywhere in the housing and connected to them, just like the display. And I added pin-descriptions, because I they were missing.