Calibration wizard - first thoughts

A project log for Power Analyzer based on a COTS Power Monitoring IC

The idea of this project is the development of a power analyzer based on the ACS71020 power monitoring IC.

SebastianSebastian 07/31/2021 at 13:410 Comments

The calibration wizard will be implemented similar to the waveform view, in a separate window.
It will guide through the calibration process, by calculating recommended settings, which can be accepted or ignored. The following calibrations have to be done:

  1. Voltage 
    1. RMS with a calibration factor
  2. Current
    1. RMS with a calibration factor
    2. Raw Values in terms of
      1. Coarse Gain
      2. Offset
      3. Fine trim

I will try to present the first results until the end of the next week.