Progress report 1

A project log for Motivation

Run this each day for 30 days for motivation to finish your projects.

Peter WalshPeter Walsh 07/17/2021 at 14:410 Comments

Just did a github push, things are going well. Most of the functionality (ie - code) is complete, I have notes on how to complete the rest (of the code), and several pages of writing.

In order to make the project as accessible as possible, I'm releasing it as an HTML file with some embedded javascript. Installation should then be as simple as "git clone", no other commands necessary.

The project breaks down to two parts: coding the presentation system, and writing the lesson syllabus.

Coding is simple enough, but I find writing difficult. Sitting down at a terminal and writing a coherent thought process is hard to do, but as it happens there are psychological techniques for this as well - those techniques address "creativity", which is not the same as "motivation", so I won't go into those techniques for this project.

Still, I have some half dozen good syllabus arcs touching on several psychological effects that people can use to enhance their motivation.

As an example: the "concordant self-image" research suggests that if you change your physical behaviour your mind will adapt to bring your self-image into concordance with what you've actually done. If you can get people to say they like something (even if they don't), their mind will adapt to this and assume that they really did like it. Ask people later and they will report that they actually *did* like it.

Advertizers use this to influence people with catchy tunes and jingles that get people to repeat things without thinking about them (viz: the Oscar Meyer Weiner song).

So one technique for better motivation is simply to say that you have the motivation. It doesn't seem like this should work, but research suggests that it does.

Psychology is weird.