Notes page added

A project log for Motivation

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Peter WalshPeter Walsh 07/29/2021 at 16:440 Comments

I added a "notes" page available from any of the lesson panels.

This shows the "cliff notes" version of the course lessons, so if the user, for example, forgets the 4 types of intrinsic motivation or can't remember what the overjustification effect is, they can go to the notes for review. It's set up as a "call/return" action, so they can refer to the notes and then get back into the lesson text.

This solves two problems, which is what to do about the "up" link in the navigation bar, which is good because "up" really doesn't make sense in this scenario, and how the user can review information they may have forgotten.

Officially an expansion of the project, but the pages are pretty easy to populate and the call/return mechanism was mostly a drop-in. Still need to format the pages better, but that will come at a later phase.