Assembly and Bring-up

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ESP32 with dual LoRa modules

morganmorgan 07/13/2021 at 17:190 Comments

Assembly went fine, the usual problems were problems. The CP2102N requires the *perfect* amount of solder paste else it'll bridge and bubble. I never can seems to get USB connectors on the first try... but otherwise nothing too surprising. USB enumerated fine but I cannot seem to get it to flash without manual intervention. With power on, checking the EN and IO0 pins they both have 3.3V and I can watch them wiggle when trying to flash with esptool. But flashing will always fail unless I use a jumper wire to pull IO0 down. I've gone over the reset circuit, resoldering each component but I cannot seem to find anything wrong. Going to mull this over for the day and either continue debugging this one or assemble another if nothing obvious sticks out.