Attempts at changing the shape

A project log for Barnabas Blocks Upgrade - BIG 2021

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richardrichard 07/22/2021 at 22:331 Comment


Hello! I'm not sure how far we got on the assignment for changing the shape on Tuesday, as I was in the next room most of the time, so please help me out if you made some progress, but it seems like, the "bread and butter" for changing the shape is in blockly_compressed.js. After "pretty-print"ifying it using an online editor, I spent hours trying to make some progress to very little avail. Hope everyone is making better progress!

As you can see... all I could change was the padding lol, definitely not any true shape manipulation. 


Edward Li wrote 07/23/2021 at 02:39 point

Nice Richard!  Changing the padding is technically changing the shape, so props for that!  

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