Project build

A project log for Proximity sensor for the blind

Our wrist-mounted proximity sensor can easily be "scanned" in any desired direction to indicate distance to nearest object.

CatCat 08/02/2021 at 22:460 Comments

We built the project inside a re-purposed case that was holding 3 AA batteries and a small board for flickering a string of LEDs to be placed inside a bottle to look pretty.

The first picture shows the insides from the top without the cover.  Hot Glue was used to hold the sensor board at the top-right and the power-switch (top-left).

The black-red wires connect the haptic device to a jack in the side of the enclosure.

The haptic device is a small rectangular speaker salvaged from an old laptop or tablet.  You can see the red coil attached to the transparent membrane. As we apply voltage to the coil the membrane will be pushed out and be felt by the skin if applied on a sensitive area.