First DMM - Aneng M118A

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Using the impact resistant case of a multimeter for your electronics Demonstrated on the design of a Zener-Tester / LED-Vf-Tester

Max SchnorpfeilMax Schnorpfeil 07/31/2021 at 13:420 Comments

Aneng M118A has arrived. It costs ~15 $ shipped.

Out of the box, it uses the DTM0660L chipset, since it's the successor of the Aneng AN8001.

You can find an overview of common chipsets here:

And information on the DTM0660L here:

This DMM was selected because it is ceap, available for everyone and has no traditional selection reel that would cost precious PCB space.

The DMM has a nice rubber housing and the display angles are not too bad.

But a little smaller than expected.