SD card support

A project log for Data Logger Shield

Shield for NUCLEO-F103RB, it's a logger of pulses received from four external devices. Has WiFi, sdCard, keyboard and LCD.

RobertRobert 08/30/2021 at 20:490 Comments

SD card works OK, here are interesting things that I've learned:

Info from: [1], [2]

The prototype is now a bit bigger than before, because I've decided to cannibalize data logger board for Arduino - back when a shipment from China was for free (in Europe) I'v bought a couple of them - just in case. I don't really need therm since I don't do a lot of Arduino, and this saves me on buying SD card slot and RTC clock. I will add an RTC clock to the design. 

The SD slot was a bit problematic, finally I've de-soldered it to see bottom side and how the card is really connected. It's weird for me because they didn't ignore pin #9, it's accessible even when AFAIK it's unused. So the pinout is like this 9, 1, 2, ..., 8, extra pins for check write protection. 

In the next step I plan to setup ESP32, it will involve probably soldering new breadboard to the prototype :)