milling T/SSOP breakout - 0.65mm pitch

A project log for Minamil: a minimal CNC mill - HaDPrize 2021

Minamil: a minimal 3-axis CNC mill that works. Build from laser-cut hardboard with a screwdriver (mostly). Mill fine-pitch PCBs.

Paul McClayPaul McClay 08/15/2021 at 00:040 Comments

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Been a little quiet [t]here lately. Here's some pictures while I go find some words to go with them.

Words about runout & {autoleveling <- homing <- limit switches} vs {mechanical bed leveling <- Z probing non-conductive surface} & um, what else? (update: nix limit switches; I was wrong about why I thought autoleveling required homing requiring limit switches)

Previously about PCB milling: