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A project log for Minamil: a minimal CNC mill - HaDPrize 2021

Minamil: a minimal 3-axis CNC mill that works. Build from laser-cut hardboard with a screwdriver (mostly). Mill fine-pitch PCBs.

Paul McClayPaul McClay 08/15/2021 at 00:120 Comments

[this log entry copied from #Minamil where it was updated 26 Oct 2021]

Started tracking part prices because they've been a bit volatile and small changes to small prices can be significant. Still tracking because still changing -- some changes not small.

Example BoM cost

Sep 2021

Total <$49.78 (+tax) 

+21% from March 2021; now up to ~$17/axis; +51% from Jan 2020 start with this configuration at $33 :-/

Getting parts faster in the continental US

A lot faster for a little more $:

A lot faster for  ̶a̶ ̶l̶i̶t̶t̶l̶e̶  more $:

Screws from Grainger or Ace Hardware if you live near a store -- maybe not in stock but will ship free to a store.

Hardboard I've bought in 4x8 sheets (or 2x4) from Home Depot -- or check other building supply/lumber sources that have a panel saw for cutting big sheets down on request. Such places usually post a low limit on free cuts, like 1, but the person running the saw will often (IME always) do more if you ask respectfully and have your measurements ready. Check the max material size for the laser cutter you will use and think about how to divide the large sheet into pieces of that size with the fewest cuts. For example: the laser cutter I use most often takes material up to 32" x 18". Two cuts at 32" divide a 48"x96" sheet into three 48"x32" pieces. A third cut at 18" across the three together gives me three 32"x18" pieces ready to use and three 32"x30" pieces I can transport easily and cut down later. That's a lot of material for nearly free compared to acrylic, Baltic ply, etc. that you can use to iterate a design before cutting the expensive stuff. Or find that hardboard works well enough for a project -- like a little CNC mill or something.

Part cost details

For orders from US