Hardware Update

A project log for LLS3 - I2C Charger/PMIC (2x Voltage Out) + RTC

Tiny I2C Programmable LiPo Battery Charger/Monitor, Buck, Buck-Boost, RTC and I2C level shifter

Leonard PollakLeonard Pollak 08/19/2021 at 18:520 Comments

Today the PCBs arrived! Yay!

I soldered two of them which was kind of tricky since the components are really, really small.

The first one I soldered was a fail. I could see solder bridges under the ADP5360

chip. The second one (the one with the pin headers) turned out nicely and both I2C devices

showed up.

Except for a few missing capacitors that went flying somewhere and the one board with shorts (which I

kind of expected since it was a first for me) I am quite happy with the results up until now.

I have enough of the expensive components to solder 9 more which I will hopefully be able to do

this weekend.