1# Conception and Design

A project log for Small Scale Magnetic Levitation Train - Hyperloop

Magnetically Levitating and driving small scale version of a Hyperloop

AdrianAdrian 08/22/2021 at 15:020 Comments

I started with the idea of building a small scal Hyperloop system, that is supposed to levitate and drive magnetically and independent of external power.

I started with a rough CAD design and improved it step by step (about 1 1/2 days)

Pod in tube with track:

Pod (moving vehicle):

Once the approximate dimensions and the concept were defined, the concept was adapted on the basis of the main limiting components (battery module, electronics - main PCB, track PCB).

From this followed the final design including the development of the electronics (about 5 days):

- Tube and Track:

- Pod:

To determine the system dynamics and the design of the control system and associated components, the entire system was simulated in Matlab/Simulink. In addition, the controller was designed and optimized.