Stack-chan - JavaScript driven super-kawaii robot

An easy-to-build communication robot for everyone

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Stack-chan is a hand-held super-kawaii communication-platform robot with M5Stack embedded.
It can shake its head, watch people's faces, talk, and possess you with various face expressions.
The exterior, board data, and software are fully open source. Detailed assembly instructions are available, so anyone can make one.

A communication robot in your hands

In recent years, a variety of communication robots have appeared on the market.
However, most of them are "closed", dependent on specific proprietary services, or their specifications are not disclosed to the public. In fact, compared to other bipedal, quadrupedal, and wheeled robots, there are surprisingly few open source communication robots.
We often see the tragedy of communication robots reaching the end of life as their backend services goes by.

"Why don't they make communication robots more open and hackable?" It is the problem. it is why Stackchan was born.


Stack-chan themselves has no special mission to solve. They just live. They have multiple communication modality such as speech and gaze. In despite of its small size, Stack-chan has a very lifelike appearance with its eyes and breathing. This behavior is achieved by simulating neurophysiological phenomena such as saccadic eye movements. But who cares the detail? It's just so cute. you can't stop loving it!

Anyone can assemble it

Stack-chan is fully open source including the schematics, the 3D model of the case and the firmware. The assembly instructions are available on GitHub.

Over 20 enthusiasts have already start making Stack-chan and putting them into their varius appilcations from frontend of voice assistant to quadrupedal robot. See the curated list below.

Stack-chan - Togetter

Unleash your creativity

While Stack-chan itself is quite simple in function, it can be used in various applications.

  • A "sales robot" that finds people's faces and fiercely promotes products.
  • A "butler robot" with cute notifications of the day and Alexa functionality.
  • A "babysitting robot" that watches over children from their desk.

Sounds interesting? Fork my repositorylaunch dockernized environment in minutes and start making! Take advantage of many examples, especially for integration to external APIs and M5Stack units. Unfamiliar with embedded development? No problem. I choosed JavaScript, the world's most used programming language. Stack-chan's firmware is written on the Moddable SDK: a JavaScript framework for embedded systems. You can achieve brazing fast development with full of the latest ECMAScript features. I can guarantee its ease of use and affinity with web technologies. After all, I'm a one of full-time web developer myself!

Standard Tesselated Geometry - 200.47 kB - 09/04/2021 at 14:49


Standard Tesselated Geometry - 95.49 kB - 09/04/2021 at 14:49


Standard Tesselated Geometry - 157.89 kB - 09/04/2021 at 14:48


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Arnas MasRodjie wrote 09/05/2021 at 04:08 point

Can you post STEP files on the github? There are many SG90 servo model so they able to modify to fit the servo. Thank you

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Shinya Ishikawa wrote 09/05/2021 at 15:45 point

Actually I have SG90 compatible case.

But it is a good idea to share STEP files. I'll deal with it later. Thank you very much! 

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Shinya Ishikawa wrote 09/05/2021 at 17:03 point

Posted an issue:

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Maximiliano Rojas wrote 08/31/2021 at 01:58 point

kawai XDD

  Are you sure? yes | no

Shinya Ishikawa wrote 09/04/2021 at 16:58 point

Thanks you! As I posted, you can check many Stack-chan works by me and other developers on Twitter. Hope you also like them!

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