Introducing "General Concept"

A project log for Computer Motivator

If you don't know what a computer motivator is by now, then you have been reading too many textbooks and not watching enough TV.

glgormanglgorman 09/23/2021 at 21:400 Comments

Early on in this project I said that there would be robots, and by that I meant robots, in the plural form, not singular.  Even though the focus of this project is primarily oriented toward AI development, data acquisition, hardware interfacing and control systems, every now and then as Han Solo would say, "Sometimes I might even surprise myself."

So here now we finally meet General Concept.

This could actually get very interesting.

Since the 3 d printed gear might also work as an optical diffuser, useful for such things as omnidirectional infrared, or just lighting up really nice when the robot is speaking or preparing to move.

That doesn't mean that I have abandoned the concept of the Boe-dozer, by any means.  There are plenty of pathways worthy of exploration.  Now getting back on track with the software side of things should be my main focus, in the time remaining.  Stay tuned!