Version 5

A project log for CHUMP

CHUMP stands for Cheap Homebrew Understandable Minimal Processor. It is the invention of Dave Feinberg.

agp.cooperagp.cooper 09/17/2021 at 07:260 Comments

Version 5

Version 4 did not last long! I have opted to use memory mapped Input/Output (IO) and an upgraded Reset/Clock/Step logic:

I have updated the LogiSim model as well:

OpCode Improvements

Addressing the memory timing issues had the side effect of resolving post STORE issues. Now two STOREs can be sequential and reading memory after a STORE will return the stored value (which is the same as the ACCumulator value).

Input/Output Design

Here is the LogiSim IO design:

Note: Memory Address 0xF is now used for IO.


The PCB is now a little larger:

PCB Layout

The PCB is close to the point where the Easy EDA autorouter fails. I have a couple of strategies to extend the operational envelop of the autorouter:


Received the PCBabout a week ago. Assembled the PCB a few days ago. Wrote a test program this morning. Works fine. One minor problem  was the Const/Inst labels are the wrong way around (I swapped the Const/Inst nibble order for V5).

Possible Upgrade

I think the ADD should be ADC (i.e. ADD with Carry) and the Carry should be persistent.

This would allow multi-nibble addition/subtraction without jumps. The carry signal can be cleared with "ADC 0".

Okay this project is done.