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To available Seeed Studio Sevices:


  • Manufacturer: ESPRESSIF
  • Type of integrated circuit: SoC
  • Kind of network: Bluetooth Low Energy, WiFi
  • Supply voltage: 3...3.6V DC
  • Communications protocol: FTP, HTTP, IPv4, TCP, UDP
  • Transmitter output power: 19.5dBm
  • Mounting: SMD
  • Dimensions: 7x7mm
  • Operating temperature: -40...85°C
  • Ciphering: AES, WPA2, WPA, WPS
  • TX/RX supply current: 240/110A
  • Band: 2.412...2.484GHz
  • Flash memory capacity: 8MB
  • Number of cores: 2
  • Interface: GPIO, I2C, I2S, PWM, SDIO, SPI, UART

BOM: Bill of Material

PCB Layout along with 3D view is attached below

Ordering the PCBs From JLCPCB

Full Process is shown using Screenshots Step-wise.

Now we have got the PCB design and it’s time to order the PCB’s. For that, you just have to go to, and click on “QUOTE NOW” button.

JLCPCB is also, sponsor of this project. JLCPCB (ShenzhenJLC Electronics Co., Ltd.), is the largest PCB prototype enterprise in China and a high-tech manufacturer specializing in quick PCB prototype and small-batch PCB production. You can order a minimum of 5 PCBs for just $2.

To get the PCB manufactured, upload the Gerber file you downloaded in the last step. Upload file or you can also drag and drop the Gerber files.

After uploading the zip file, you’ll see a success message at the bottom of the file is successfully uploaded.

You can review the PCB in the Gerber viewer to make sure everything is good. You can view both the top and bottom of the PCB. After making sure our PCB looks good, we can now place the order at a reasonable price. You can order 5 PCBs for just $2 but if it’s your first order then you can get 5 PCBs for $2.

To place the order, click on the “SAVE TO CART” button. My PCBs took 2 days to get manufactured and arrived within a week using the DHL delivery option. PCBs were well packed and the quality was really good.