all your (moving) base are belong to confusion

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Minimal 'no frills' development platform for farm robots

leehughes2011lee.hughes2011 09/07/2021 at 14:530 Comments

When using the ublox f9p GPS chip, there's a lot of terminology, overloaded technobabble and when adding the documentation from ardusimple, which by it's a nature seems to based in spain, with non-native english speakers, i think you can probably tell whats going to happen...yep confusion. it takes time to get it, because the f9p has some many configuration settings and multiple ways it can be integrated and where RTCM can be piped, and processed.

simpleRTK2B: the first multiband RTK shield based on ZED ...

In the documentation , it covers things like .

Base – rover configuration

Base – multiple rovers configuration

RTK moving base configuration

Standalone with RTK/SSR corrections 

So, we tried to come up without our own terminology 

The Nest -> A non-movable GPS unit which provides RTCM correction data.

The Dog -> The actually robot the 'moves around'.

The Snout -> Another GPS unit on the Robot which can give us heading data.

When we started to use this, we got our heads around the problem better and was able to visualise what we were trying to do, like an animal, that has a body and snout, and lives in a nest!! :-). 

As the documentation starts to ramble into moving base , to a moving rovers to the moving base rover,  you can find this for your amusement here.


'Hi weedinator,
If your rover is formed by a simpleRTK2B and a simpleRTK2Blite, your rover is actually a “rover + moving base” and “rover from moving base”. Don’t mix these with your static base.
The RTCM stream is as follows:
– Static base sends static RTCM to “rover + moving base”
– “rover + moving base” sends moving base RTCM to rover


you can read more nonsense from ublox themselves.

in section 1.1 you can basically cause your head to spin.

so, the whole thing with base, base station, moving base, moving base station, move base..

so in the end, you just have to accept that it's 'all your base r belong to us, someone set us up the bomb'.