Xpider Labor of Love

A project log for Xpider: World's Cutest Spider Robot

The neural network-powered spider robot that fits in the palm of your hand.

XpiderXpider 11/11/2016 at 09:081 Comment

Xpider Labor of Love

Nine months of hardwork and we finally have a Xpider we are proud to bring to the world! Here is our journey to create Xpider.

Sketching like crazy!

Getting the right look of Xpider is very important to us! Not olny we want a programmable robot for everyday use, we also want it to look great on our desk like an top anime GK (Garage Kit)! We went throught hunderds of sketchs on our notebooks and a dozen times of 3D modeling!

Modeling and 3D Printing

We are so happy to have 3D printers. We want Xpider to walk with style! We have gone through dozens of mechanical designs and print out hundreds of pieces to make sure Xpider walks smoothly and with great style.

Solid Works

We built dozens iterations of functional spider robots with 3D modeling, part printing and circuits building.

Drag and Drop programming with SmartNode

Xpider should be easy to program! Max spent a lot of time integrating Xpider and SmartNode to make sure Xpider is not only programmable but also easy and fun to program for everyone!


Richard Hogben wrote 11/22/2016 at 17:20 point

It is really cute

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