AUTONOMOUS FIRST TEST: Testing all moving parts successfully. 



Due to its highly versatile, 6 foot tall grab range arm, and its immense motor strengths that can be used for real-world practical applications. All while still being affordable and easy to produce in mass production if more of these robotic workers are requested. Add that with the ability to be controlled anywhere in the world through an app, and you got yourself a new way to work nearly any job remotely from home. Plus, you can instruct the robot to do things autonomously using its own computer vision & sensors to work autonomously. Which gives the owner of the robot that much deserved free time we all crave.

This is not "just another bot on wheels", this will be a game-changer for any workers, anywhere on the planet. Especially for the hard manual labor jobs. 

                                                           "High five 🙏"


Made by myself, from June 2021-August 2021 this is the first version of my helper robot. In addition to the remote controls, it will use its same camera module for computer vision/AI & distance ultrasonic sensors to help it navigate autonomously in the real world & being able to track and follow specific objects have it do work on its own by itself. 

Camera Modules
Computer Vision / AI camera (blue) & FPV remote control camera (black)

The best applications for this are cutting grass/ landscaping, shoveling snow, raking leaves, any work common people typically do that is time consuming and boring. Or just being there as an extra hand / helper to support others needs. It can transport & deliver items, and help you carry cumbersome items. Of course, the robot can be used as way to keep people safe to remotely do any dangerous tasks.  I am currently working on an app in addition to the physical controller, that lets anyone, anywhere around the world use their smartphone as the controller with an internet connection.

Radio FPV controller
                                 Based on arduino nano and 4 joysticks as inputs, 1000m open sight communication range

Smartphone app internet FPV controller
This controller was inspired by my own physical handheld remote FPV controller, but made to be a bit more easier to use with sliders for setting arm positioning and the same live video feed that gets its data from the blue camera module

With the spread of COVID and other infectious diseases, the robot allows for remote working. Copies of Buddy can be produced at a very reasonable price that can help reduce the amount of workers in a confined space. This helps to reduce the probability of getting infected to a 0% chance since you can quite literally work from home. 

I also see a huge potential for my own creation to be widely used in the military to keep soldiers safe by remotely controlling the robot to make it do exact what you want for very specific purposes. Purposes such as disarming bombs safely, spying, and even combat if it were to be modified further to become a small tank robot that can use its arm to open doors and take advantage of its somewhat small size to break into hostile buildings. By doing so, this is keeping the lives of soldiers at safety while the unfeeling robot can take all the hits / damage. 

This is still an ongoing project as I plan to constantly improve its capabilities and performance in practical real world settings. 

Here are some closer looks at Buddy's inner workings such as the the electrical and programming features (check for full codes in the files):

Insides from behind
Every component was positioned very strategically in order to maximize safety and minimize the insane amount of wires; by putting...
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