Simplified Wireguide

A project log for Sinker EDM Machine

Like a hole puncher, but for metals. For your shelf or desktop.

dominik-meffertDominik Meffert 03/21/2022 at 06:240 Comments

I simplified the wireguide by removing the loadcells that were used for monitoring the wire tension and controlling the respooling motor, because I think they are not really needed and could cause some problems when affected by noise. Because the wire needs some tension after the wirespeed motor, I replaced the loadcell on the backside with a springloaded wire tensioner, which has two sensors for starting and stopping the respooling of the wire.

Yesterday, I tried cutting a 20*20mm aluminum rod, but the wire broke after just a few millimeters. I tried increasing the wire speed and decreasing the tension, but that did not really help. Later, I will also try to decrease the duty cycle and frequency of the arc and if that should not help, maybe changing the spark capacitor and resistance could help...

I also ordered a closed timing belt to replace the old one.