TODO: Use Arduino onboard comparator

A project log for Wind sensor using car reversing kit

A wind speed and direction sensor from an Ebay car reversing kit and an Arduino

kwikiuskwikius 09/18/2021 at 09:430 Comments

The sensor is working as shown in

(Need to redo video with sound turned on!) Originally the project was based on a stm32l432-nucleo board, which runs at 80 MHz. I decided to do the Arduino version because it makes the project more accessible.

Next task is to breakout the output and ground of the raw filter output and connect to the Arduino Atmega328 mcu comparator, rather than using an external one. Since the Arduino is connected via a cable, I hope that interference won't be a problem. The good thing is that the pulse and address lines will be quiet while listening for the received pulse, so I hope that won't be a problem. First to look at the datasheet and get comparator source working. Unfortunately the comparator output isnt available on a mcu pin, since I need it for positive feedback to the comparator input. I will have to try to fake it by setting another mcu output in the comparator change interrupt.