Voronoi patterns in blender

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A procedurally generated speaker stand

lion mclionheadlion mclionhead 09/16/2021 at 05:070 Comments

So tesselation in Freecad with netgen -> very coarse was a starting point for a voronoi pattern.  1 problem is the fatness of the corners depends on the number of faces in the polygons.  Triangles give the fattest corners.  Circles give the thinnest corners.  The most efficient structure would have circular holes.

This method requires being in face select mode instead of vertex select mode when beveling the vertices.  Face select mode causes it to not bevel some of the vertices, so you have to do a 2nd pass after manually selecting the missing vertices in vertex mode.

Also, it can't select a face loop for the speaker stand.  Instead, you have to select the top & bottom vertices with ALT +SHIFT, then invert the selection to select all the vertices between the top & bottom.

The tesselation was done with netgen -> fine.  The vertex beveling was 100%.  Some booleans could flatten the top & bottom surfaces.  The mane problem is it has too many horizontal overhangs.  The vertex beveling needs to create no horizontal overhangs.