Disassembled the Duo Pop and prepared connections for testing.

A project log for Reimagining Duo Pop

Breathe new life into your Duo Pop, a discontinued iOS peripheral device, with the help of Adafruit's QT Py RP2040.

JTJT 09/24/2021 at 23:360 Comments

I disassembled the Duo Pop. Following the traces on the controller board, I noticed that the pins between the IR receivers are connected. I replicated the traces with wires. 

I looked up which resistor Adafruit recommends using with LEDs. They have an example with the QT Py RP2040 using 470 ohms. The closest I have is 430 ohms. It took me a bit to figure out the markings, K43 J∆, on the resistor. I got them in Russia and forgot to mark their bag. I had to look up what the tolerance, J, was. They are 430 ohms with a tolerance of ±5. My multi-meter says they are about 426 ohms. I replaced the LED- wire with the 430 ohms resistor.

I ended up replacing all the wires. This wasn't necessary but I accidentally snapped a wire off and desolder another. The only wires I didn't replace were the speaker wires.