Coding and Testing

A project log for Reimagining Duo Pop

Breathe new life into your Duo Pop, a discontinued iOS peripheral device, with the help of Adafruit's QT Py RP2040.

JTJT 09/25/2021 at 18:040 Comments

I coded up a quick CircuitPython program and it works well. I used an Adafruit CLUE dev board with a pin breakout board attached. I like using this dev board because I don't have to use a REPL to see what is going on thanks to its built-in display. I recorded the process and may make a youtube video about it. So that everyone could see what the CLUE displayed, I did use the Mu REPL in the recordings. I encountered a few challenges and techniques for working with IR receivers, LEDs, and audio. They informed my design process and ultimately the current design of the new and improved Duo Pop. I updating the test code to the GitHub repository for this project.