Working in V1 & V2 design

A project log for Shepherd Bot (ArtzainBot)

An all-terrain / low-cost robot to help you in the garden

Victor BarahonaVictor Barahona 09/27/2021 at 18:510 Comments

ShepherdBot  is a concept: an small robot to help you in the garden. So it must be hard, all-terrain, long range, must carry tools and sensors. In my dreams could autopilot and follow you, ask for help if you have problems and could recover it if he turns around. Ahhh ... must be cute , too.

Yes, I know, I'm dreaming ... but why not?

I''m 55 years old. Im my childhood I saw a movie called "silent running" and I was amazed. The story and ... the robots, they are gardeners!

This is the reference in IMDB

Silent Running

And here is a picture. Maybe have seen this before.:

They inspired me about how to make a gardener robot, or maybe a shepherd robot. From this came to me the name of the project:

ShepherdBot (ArtzainBot)

As I said is a concept. That means that I'm interested in several designs. I have presented V1, the objective is low-cost and all-terrain.

But I'm working too in V2. In this case the objective is an strong robot with more capacity to carry things. Here is a picture to illustrate the concept:

This is a work in progress. I'm working in both versions to see the pros&cons. Stay tuned!