r0 is dead! Long live R1!

A project log for 6502 SBC r0

Complete 6502 single board computer with 50x29 lines "VGA" output and PS/2 input

Anders NielsenAnders Nielsen 04/04/2022 at 07:480 Comments

Github has been updated with R1 of my SBC.

Since this actually turned out to be a complete rerouting of the whole board, I finally got rid of the - now unobtainium - PMS171b, and the firmware also got quite an overhaul I'm finishing up this project and moving on... To R1! 

R1 will get it's own project on because they are simply too different - naming-wise I'll just call it R1 :) 

Check out one of the upgrades here - as you see the board is quite different:

I'll post a final log here when R1 has it's own project page.