A project log for Spot Welder

Custom Spot Welder machine based on MOT

AndyAndy 10/23/2021 at 08:000 Comments

When I started to write the description for this project, I wasn't sure, the will be interested for someone. But now I'm really glad to see the results. So I decided to make the project really public, means anyone can build it by own.

After some more thinking (of course with community pushing :) ) I also made the schematic public. So you can really find more information what's inside, not just the gerbers. To be honest, I'm not going to publish the source-code, but you can flash the firmware as well. Maybe someone just need the schematic like a inspiration can build his own device based on different MCU. So I think, this could be enough.

So here is the full schematic...

I published all required files, which are enough for someone who wants to make it by himself (gerbers, assemblies, BOM and FW).

So that's it... . Many thanks for any kind of feedback.

One important note, you're working with high voltage, so you should know what you're doing. I'm not responsible for any kind of damage on your health :).

Happy building!