Uploaded wiring diagrams

A project log for Basic Hacker MultiBench

A one stop shop with fixed 5V/12V/24V/USB metered power, adjustable power supply, voltmeter, continuity tester and basic oscilloscope.

John GilmourJohn Gilmour 10/09/2021 at 23:580 Comments

Wiring diagrams are now shown in png images.  This covers meters, binding posts, 12V/24V selector switch, barrel socket and DPS3005.  Buck convector wiring for DSO150 has been added but best to follow the JTech instructions to build the oscilloscope.

Note, when you are building this oscilloscope it is very easy to get it wrong if you not follow the pictures on the JTech guide.  Particularly soldering the encoder switch to the correct side of the additional board.