Uploaded PSU Wiring

A project log for Basic Hacker MultiBench

A one stop shop with fixed 5V/12V/24V/USB metered power, adjustable power supply, voltmeter, continuity tester and basic oscilloscope.

John GilmourJohn Gilmour 10/15/2021 at 23:460 Comments

Uploaded pictures of the PSU back case with wiring.  Using fork type crimps bent to fit the case to allow the safety cover to click in place while still sliding back into the case.

Mains live wire passes through a 3A switch before connecting to the PSU live mains terminal to allow for local isolation.  The 12V line connects via an inline fuse before being soldered onto the female XT60 connector. 

Added a little strain relief on the mains cable with a tie wrap to prevent the cable being pulled out.  I don't intend to move this much so should not get much stress.

Note: do not work with mains electricity unless you are confident working with this.  Use a 24V 5A power brick and swap to a barrel jack rated at >5A.