4.3) Text editor

A project log for A2Z Computer

A computer invented, designed and built from scratch. Custom CPU on FPGA.

f4hdkf4hdk 11/18/2016 at 19:230 Comments

The text editor allows vertical scrolling, lines counter, automatic line return without word split.

I had planned to code copy/cut/paste functions, but I never get enough motivation to do it.

The data of one text file cannot exceed 50kB (which is enough), because I manipulate it as a table inside the RAM range dedicated to variables (64kB maxi).

The editor cannot create, delete, or rename a file. It cannot modify the FAT. All the modifications have to be made on the file explorer before or after editing the content of the text file.

Function keys :

This is the first software that I have coded. I needed to develop the keyboard interface (interpretation of key codes). I found this part more difficult that I thought.