A project log for IR Everything

Multiple IR triggered creations with an IR blaster to make the magic happen

SeanSean 10/17/2021 at 14:420 Comments

Rather than using 4 sensors on one pi, I might be forced into using one sensor per board. This means I would need 4 more dev boards of some sort. What can I do to make this fancier and more elegant? Use ESP8266 boards and set up a MQTT server on my pi! Each ESP would publish messages to the server and the server could, presumably, run python scripts or somehow trigger inputs to a persistent python script when messages are received. It would also give me a fancy user interface. I've never used ESP boards before but they look amazing. It kind of makes me want to do the whole project as a single MQTT connected network so I could trigger everything from my phone as an alternative. I'll save that for future projects though. Part of my goal here was to use a many parts as possible that I already have. That means lots of arduino.