This time I will show you how to make a stereo VU meter with 39 bars.

The device is made according to the "KTAudio VU Meter" by Tamas Kamocsai where you can also download the original code. In this case I modified the code so that now the VU meter is made with a large LCD display. I also made small changes to the visual appearance of the Bars. In the video you can see the appearance of several versions. You can also create your own look by changing the row:
       byte Bar [8] = {
   At the input I add a stereo Potentiometer to control the input signal.
   The device is very simple to build and contains only a few components:
         - Arduino nano microcontroller
         - 40 on 2 Big LCD display with HD44780 chip
         - Stereo potentiometer
         - and several resistors and capacitors  

   The advantages of this device are that it is easy to build,and there is fairly accurate representation of sound level. It can also be easily connected to a DIY amplifier or preamplifier. Disadvantages are: Linear representation of the volume level (From around -14dB to 0dB) and not accurate enough for true representation for studio or usage where accuracy is essential.
    Finally, if we use it as a stand-alone device, it should be installed in a suitable box, which in this case is made of PVC material and coated with self-adhesive wallpaper.