Take 3 again!

A project log for ComputeDeck-B3

Raspberry Pi Zero W 2 Arm mounted Cyberdeck with a Chorded Keyboard

atltvheadatltvhead 12/08/2021 at 16:010 Comments

The final version of the boards (version 4) are below, available on osh and in the GitHub (linking after work)

After testing my version 3 boards, It seems that I lengthened the wrong footprint pins of the 6mm buttons. Although the buttons fit, they only fit in the wrong orientation. Lessons learned: never trust a 3rd party library, measure twice, don't fix your board designs at 1am. 

Below are some photos of the beautiful, but wrong v3 boards.

Time to wait for the new boards, again 😅

I suppose I'll move on for now to design the main housing for the raspberry pi and display.