It's a low-cost alternative to tens of thousands-of-pound environmental monitoring stations, and it's compact and hackable, allowing you to donate your data to initiatives that monitor air quality.

With the Pico Sense HATAir Quality for Raspberry Pi Pico, you can keep an eye on your surroundings! These boards have a slew of sophisticated environmental sensors, as well as a lovely small full-color LCD to display your data. They're an excellent approach to begin citizen science and environmental monitoring.

Along with the four sensors to assess temperature, air quality, humidity, and colour, the Pico Sense HAT add-ons board for Raspberry Pi is ideal for environmental monitoring. It would be great for the user if we could build a safe atmosphere for the next generation.

What's Raspberry Pi Pico Sense HAT? How Pico Sense HAT can be used!

Raspberry Pi Pico Sense Add-on Board is a great products for developers and makers who want to build wonderful Pico projects that accurately monitor air quality. Pico Sense HAT began as a monitoring device that allowed everyone the developer community a method to preserve the environment using four sensors: temperature, humidity, air quality, and colour. The Raspberry Pi Pico lacks network connectivity, thus a tiny colour LCD display on top is designed to offer local feedback of the data from each of the four sensors.

SB Components, an technology company, has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a Raspberry Pi Pico add-on that includes environmental sensors and a handy on-board display, as well as a free Raspberry Pi Pico to get you started.

"Many individuals may wonder why environmental monitoring is so important? which is a reasonable point, "With the changing environment, the most hazardous challenges for us are global warming, air pollution, water pollution, and so on. We would collect data on air pollution from regular environmental monitoring, which would allow us take appropriate steps." 

What you think about Pico Sense HAT?

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