Bevywise MQTTRoute

An IoT application suite with an inbuilt MQTT Broker

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Bevywise MQTTRoute is a complete IoT Application suite with an inbuilt MQTT Broker. It is the most affordable & fastest MQTT Broker to be used for collecting data from IoT edge devices & store & analyse it the way you need. It is an extendable & Scalable MQTT Broker for all your IoT / IIoT Implementation. The complete IoT Application framework will help you build faster IoT / IIoT Applications.

MQTTRoute consists of :

  • Complete MQTT Protocol support
  • Integration with Databases
  • Flexible security options
  • Multiple Dashboard creation / widgets
  • Rules Engine to create condition based alerts


MQTTRoute is built with C and python & is very much inline with the protocol specification of MQTT. It works with all standard MQTT clients and can readily manage & control your devices.

It provides flexible storage options to store data in SQlite, MySQL, MSSQL, POSTGRESQL, Elastic search and other big data engines.

Edge devices / sensors can be securely connected by using the authentication credentials also MQTT Broker provides encrypted data transfer with TLS/SSL, X.506 Authorization, Device-level & Remote level authentication.

Device data and the complete activities of devices can be tracked using the user interface. Prebuilt-widgets are available to visualize the MQTT data and also enables user to create their own dashboard specific to their application. User interface also displays device logs, sample client code, Sys topic to view individual connect device details.

Rules engine is available to create any event or condition based alerts / rules to automate device actions.

MQTT Broker can be connected to the user web applications or can be integrated with any mobile applications using REST API.

Developing IoT applications is highly complex and can take huge days to complete for the developers. But with the MQTT Broker's powerful python extensions such as Custom storage, Custom data store, Custom scheduler, Custom UI Server and Custom Authentication, users can write their own code to build their own application faster & easier.

Other than these there are numerous functionalities & features available. Use this link to know more..

You can use this link to download MQTTRoute for FREE.

For step by step procedure and complete installation guide to access MQTT Broker, click this link.

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    MQTT Broker Tutorial

    Check this link for step by step tutorial to make optimum use of Bevywise MQTTRoute.

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