Laser Glove

A Laser Glove for art performance, DJ or cosplay.

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I can do constellations and some art. I am thinking of setting it to music.

Adafruit parts for the  glove:

  1. Laser with pulse ability
  2. 5V Arduino Mini
  3. Boost/Charger
  4. Lipo Battery

Gloves from morotcycle store. I wanted stiffer fingers (they usually have pads for protection, but could find a pair I liked. These were okay though at $20. I used a hot glue gun to put the lasers and parts on the glove.

Next steps:

  1. Proof done - order 3 more lasers from Adafruit - done.
  2. Make basic Arduino code to pulse.
  3. Solder other lasers on, complete code
  4. On/Off switch


  1. Second glove
  2. Communication bewteen gloves to sync
  3. Controls on glove or Android app for phone for control

  • Tried Green Line Laser

    Bill Weiler01/03/2022 at 19:17 0 comments

    I got this one on Amazon. It is by Quarton at around $54. It is better construction but does not appear superior to the $18 ones on Adafruit. The Adafruit ones have a thrid wire for PWM which I haven't tried. I assumed fading them in and out would be a great effect. As you can see in the photo the line is faint probably because it is spread out unlike the dot, but I don't know. It is also 5mW and uses up to 50mA. I drove it at 5V but it goes to 2.6V. Lasers like a constant current source, but maybe I can fade it. If I got a power supply I can try, but power supplies are a major pain until I get to around $1500 for one. The noise on them gives false results in anything non-basic, so I kind of hate them. At companies that buy cheap equipment, I use batteries for everything. 

  • Ordered some more lasers

    Bill Weiler12/22/2021 at 23:36 0 comments

    I bought a variety on Amazon. Some with higher power, green and line lasers-not just points. These are still laser diodes at 5mW. I wanted to go higher power but mayeb can't for now. The lasers are getting in the $50 price range, so pricey.

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