A vu-meter, a lock switch, and some components ordered

A project log for ESP32 audio recorder

making a digital audio recorder, with an ESP32 instead of a DSP.

Jean THOMASJean THOMAS 02/11/2019 at 22:300 Comments

Last week, I've been working on adding a vu-meter to my ESP32 audio recorder. Its update rate is slow as I am not using sliding window averaging. I will try to fix that some time soon.

I also added a lock switch like you find in iPods. It works great.

I will also consider implementing double buffering for the OLED display so that I can avoid pushing the whole framebuffer on the I2C bus.

Now for the hardware part: I am currently on working a PCB prototype. It won't be much portable but it will help me on testing components that I plan to integrate.

I bought some TLV320AIC3106 audio CODECs to replace the PCM1808 my prototype currently has. Its main avantages are: no 5V supply requirements (great for battery operated devices!), a built-in microphone preamp and an audio output (useful for headphone audio preview).

I hope to publish another update log before the end of the month!