the quest for the correct router bit

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A handy extremely sturdy workbench

ØysteinØystein 12/06/2016 at 06:020 Comments

I am going to finger joint the support for the tabletop. This is to add strength to the structure of the table(and for learning how to do it). As my project uses waaay oversized wood I am going to have a fingerjoint in some 36mm thick wood. To make the finger joint I wanted to do it with a handheld router that I have access to. The router bit must have a ball bearing on the bottom of the router bit so I can make a template, stick it on top of the wood and let the ball bearing be guided by the template. Turns out it was not so easy to find such a bit for routing in wood of that thickness. I went to the machineshop for proffesionals to find it. The shop is called Grønvold maskin (they had a very good selection of tools). After talking to the staff for sometime to find out where one could get such a router bit the owner of the shop came and helped me. It turns out you could sort of get the bit but with 12mm shaft to mount it with. Since the Boch GOF 900 CE I have access to only support 6-8mm I was stuck. He was very interested and said the he could use a company in the south of Norway that could custom make one for me and call me tomorrow about it! Excellent service!