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A project log for The workbench

A handy extremely sturdy workbench

ysteinØystein 06/03/2017 at 21:070 Comments

Sooo, It´s been a while since I have worked on this project. But now I finally got time and opportunity to continue to work on this project. I tried to make the finger joints with a router and a guide. Almost half a year has past and I decided to use this newly acquired thing instead:

A Japanese handsaw. This turned out to work beautifully. So I used the guide to draw out where I should cut got to work.

After some sawing I started using a file for the small details.

I started with the fingerjoint on the sidepieces of the table. I then made the fingerjoints on the eeehm, long pieces.

and a preview withe a tableleg attached(I held the leg up with my foot hence the blurry picture):Test the front assembled Finger joint on the back side table.Suddenly:

Whoa! A frame!

ooh, the frame is assembled with legs! It still needs glue and screws but quite a lot of progress has been made. I also put the tabletop just to see how it looked:

New update will be posted soon!