Requirements and Materials

A project log for Straight wire and tube stock storage

A wrap storage pouch to organize piano wire, rods and tubes for modeling

QuinnQuinn 12/07/2021 at 18:370 Comments


Sorting through my stock, I came up with some basic requirements:

Additional extras:



I had plenty of scrap fabric, so could easily use a yard of that.  I picked a peach color taffeta as it's thick and heavy, I'm unlikely to ever use this color(I got a stock of ~8 colors of taffeta, though only 2yd each)

I also pulled some smaller scraps of a thick black twill to double the bottom pocket.


I decided to go with elastic instead of fabric straps.  While the elastic wouldn't impact for any pockets which are not full, it does give the ability to somewhat overfill if needed.

While it could use elastic scraps, I opted to just buy new to keep consistent.


A removable dowel was needed if i wanted to hang it.  And from experimentation the rolling worked much better if there were also  dowels on both edges.  I didn't have any wood ones, but do have a stock of snow plow markers.  These are long orange fiberglass rods that businesses stake into the ground at the edge of curbs.  They are used to help snow plow drivers know where the curbs are when fresh snow obscures them.  Also used to mark the edges of driveways, they are pretty available.