New Tool: Underwater Notebook

A project log for The Village

Long term project to build an entire village using sustainable technology and traditional methods.

DustinDustin 01/09/2022 at 18:130 Comments

This isn't a typical tool, but an organizational tool. I spend significant amounts of time in the hot tub at the gym, where I just sit and do my thinking. I don't use my phone for free of water damage, and fear or making people uncomfortable by having a camera in a pool area with kids and strangers. I'm not interested in them, but you just don't want to take any chances of freaking people out. In the hot tub yesterday, I had some good ideas for my YouTube channel and a few projects. I thought on them for a while, but ended up forgetting them. I do this often, as busy as my mind is these days. I'd had it on my list to order a waterproof lab notebook for a while now, but ended up finding one locally. 

I ran into a guy in the hot tub and we ended up talking about sustainable life and adventures. He told me he owns a store that sells survival gear, adventure gear, and custom kits of all sorts. I ended up going in after my thinking session and was blown away by how nice of a shop and how nice of people they were. Sadly, being broke right now, I couldn't just pick up all the very specialized and hard to find things I needed. I was able to chat for a few hours and start up a friendship. I ended up buying a small waterproof notebook as well. I was amazed to see one in a store. It was $11 with a special pen, and my favorite color: neon orange. Turns out the owner shares my favorite color as well. He also shares my love of kits and organization. I'll be resurrecting my leather working business to get him a few custom items he can't find anywhere, which is great for both of us. Part of me wishes I still had my towing job so I could afford to go on a shopping spree there, but I'd have never met him if I did have that job. 

Anyways, the notebook. I finally have a way to record thoughts and work through ideas while in the hot tub. It doesn't work very well with my fountain pen, unfortunately, but pencils work fine. It fits nicely in my back pocket, and is one of the very few things to ever make it into my evey day carry. I'm very minimal at and picky about anything I bring into my life, so it's quite amazing to find something worthy of pocket space. I haven't used it yet, but I plan to after work tomorrow if I have the energy. I was supposed to sit down with my laptop and organize video ideas and start writing scripts, but I met this guy and went on an adventure. Such adventures are what create the best stories, so it's well worth it to skip work and go play when possible. I'll be taking my notebook with me and using it to help me keep things organized as I go. I normally use Google Keep, but it's not always possible to do so. I'll report back on my notebook experience later.