Funding(Most Likely) Secured

A project log for The Village

Long term project to build an entire village using sustainable technology and traditional methods.

DustinDustin 03/22/2022 at 16:340 Comments

To date, this is the most important update to this project. I've recently accepted a position that pays well enough to to fund the entire project in a short few years. There are a few stipulations, but they're easy enough to handle. As long as I don't screw this job up(note likely), I will be able to start the search for land immediately and purchase 50 to 100 acres within a year or two. I have a few key projects to fund here in Ohio first, which will set this one back. I also can't start living like  rock star and still be able to afford to build The Village. It's either rock star lifestyle or Village. I choose Village. The Village is my retirement plan, so things need to be done carefully and protected against as many problems as possible. I already live a very simple, cheap, and reasonable life. I have a few life upgrades planned, but will largely keep my lifestyle the same.

The first project to get funding is the restoration of my old pickup truck. As this truck can run indefinitely on fuel sources that I can produce myself, it is a powerful tool. A work truck, that has been paid off for decades, that can run on fuel made from human, animal, and food waste. When everything else fails in society, that truck could still function and do useful work. Right no it needs an engine, transmission, and rear end upgrade. After the truck is mechanically sound, I'll get the bodywork fully restored and protected from future rust attacks. After the full restoration is done and I am happy with its performance, I'll build a nice camper on it. The setup will sit unused much of the time, but it is a fall back plan in case I lose this job or things hit the fan. I'd be able to jump in, drive where I need to be, and start a new life. I am assuming that I could lose this income at any moment and plan accordingly.

As for funding The Village itself, I am working with a few people to get the research going and make documentation. I've got a good friend who seems quite interested in some of my data organization projects, and actually works with the exact types of systems I need to utilize. He'd be the first person I hire to get the critical research done. The plan is to treat this project like a massive scale business and keep it as efficient and organized as possible. Aside from "The Data Guy" I've got a Founder in mind. I haven't heard back from him in a few days, but he often takes a while to get back to me. Hoping he is ok. I have another friend in mind as another Founder, but I haven't spoken to them in a few years. I will get in touch with them soon and see if they're still the same adventurous, ambitious genius I remember. If so, I'll see if they'd want to join the project. I am currently only offering spots in this project to those I personally know very well and show the type of ambition, drive, and interests as myself. I have been burned countless times by people who get excited at the idea of what I'm doing, only to lose interest when it comes time to actually put in the work. I may hire outside contractors at some point, but I will reserve the most involved positions for close friends.

There's a part of me that didn't believe I could ever make this dream come true, but I refused to give up. There are times where my dreams where the only things keeping me going. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and a far shorter path to completing this project.