OpenPlane VS multirotors comparison

A project log for Open Plane Project

A project focused on the development of a compact, affordable and modular unmanned aerial system based on the EPP hand throwers.

matej-gurnakMatej Gurnak 02/16/2022 at 09:080 Comments

These two charts visualize the advantages of OpenPlane and planes in general. Compared to multirotors, the flight of the fixed wing aircrafts is much more energy efficient.

The first chart shows the average power consumption during the flight, calculated from the official specifications for each multirotor and measured from the OpenPlane test flights.

The differences are even more significant when accounting for the distances these drones can fly. Another known relation regarding the scale of the model is apparent in these charts. Heavier RC models have an advantage when compared with the lighter ones. OpenPlane, with a weight of 720 grams, is comparable to the DJI Air 2S (595 g), DJI FPV (795 g), and most closely to the DJI Mavic 3 (895 g), which is also the most efficient of the three and built with efficiency in mind.