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A project log for Reviving the Incredible Holiday Lightshow Tree

Fixing the Gemmy 7 1/2 foot Incredible Holiday Lightshow tree.

JTJT 01/25/2022 at 15:120 Comments

After the winter holidays, I plugged a new 24v DC 3a power supply into the tree and it worked. The only issues now are that the lights seem to get a bit dim when the tree's bulbs try to display a color that uses two or more of the LEDs to create. This was expected because the original power supply was 24v AC at less than an amp. That was converted into about 36v DC on the circuit board and that fed the 24v DC regulator that lit the LEDs. The board is only getting about 23v of power. That is being reduced further by the 24v DC regulator as it tries the impossible task of maintaining 24v DC. I'm going to pop it out and bridge the connection. This should solve the issue. I should also mention that there is a good and bad way to plug the tree's power connection into the provided barrel jack connector. Make sure the notch is pointed up. Otherwise, you are looking at losing a few additional volts.