Baffa-6502 plays Atari 2600 games

A project log for Baffa-2 Homebrew Microcomputer

A project initially based on Grant Searle's "CP/M on breadboard" and heavily inspired by RC2014

Augusto BaffaAugusto Baffa 06/27/2022 at 03:530 Comments

Baffa-6502 is a subproject of Baffa-2 to create a new series of boards around the 6502 CPU architecture. This allows a new group of  retro computers to explore in my project.

The first "setup" is an Apple -1 that runs Atari 2600 games (like CP/M that runs Colecovision) and is still in development. For now, I was able to test the new Atari 2600 card for the Baffa-6502 (Codename  "Baffatari" 2600)

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