Fight Key

A blue-switch hitbox running off the Raspberry Pi Pico

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I wish I was good at fighting games. I'm not.
I wish I could use a joystick. I cannot.

What I CAN do is create

I'm familiar with blue-switch keys. They're what I like and what I'm comfortable with.
If I want to get better at fighting games, specifically Ultra Street Fighter IV, I need to use a "joystick" that I'm comfortable with.

That's where this comes in. I've place Cherry MX blue switches on a custom PCB with a 3D printed enclosure (I had to learn autocad for this lol) arranged to have arrow keys on the left and action keys (vertically spaced like a Japanese fight stick) on the right.

Using the Pico to act as a USB HID device, I can send the right keyboard signals in order to use it with USFIV.

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TMuehlhoff wrote 01/20/2022 at 13:30 point

my son would love to try it! :)

He keeps on telling me about the other guys who are on keyboard damn fast, while he's playing controller and used to it.

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Dan wrote 01/19/2022 at 20:15 point

Nice! I got a sign maker guy in the city that offers UV paint printing. He can print in any surface even irregular. Those services aren't very popular but but it'd work great if you get the keys and enclosure printed.

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